Pope John Paul II

Coat of Arms

The coat of arms of Pope John Paul II is intended as an act of homage to the central mystery of Christianity, the Redemption.

The main representation is a cross, whose form, however, does not correspond to the customary heraldic model. The reason for the unusual placement of the vertical section of the cross is readily apparent if one considers the second object inserted in the coat of arms, the large and majestic capiltal M. This recalls the presence of Mary beneath the cross and her exceptional participation in the Redemption.

Totus Tuus” (“Totally Yours”)

Pope John Paul II had an intense devotion to Mary the mother of God. He had the Latin motto “Totus Tuus” engraved into his coat of arms which was the short form for the translation: “I am all yours and all I have is yours. I welcome you into all my affairs and concerns. She me your heart, O Mary.”

Papa Giovanni Paolo II durante la Santa Messa a San Benigno Canavese il 19.03.1990.