The enduring value of a faith-based education

A challenging core curriculum stimulates students to think, question, learn, discover and create.   Academic enrichment and competitions encourage students to achieve beyond the walls of the classroom.  
Teachers and staff are committed to a higher level of discipline and order.  Small class sizes meet individual needs.  It is this approach to education that distinguishes Catholic schools from all others. 
Here at St. John Paul II Classical Catholic School, we offer Art, Music, Physical Education, Library, Foreign Language and Computer Instruction.  Learning is enhanced with an Academic Development Room and an Environmental Classroom.  
The Archdiocese of Detroit will publish a curriculum guide in ten subject areas that provides a framework for what students will know and be able to do. It will be revised and updated on a regular schedule. All schools within the Detroit Archdiocese will continue to provide rigorous academics as part of formation of the whole child, preparing students for futures we cannot predict.

Kindergarten through Grade 8 Standards

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Art, Music, Physical Education, Library, Computer and Foreign Language

Technology Plan

The vision of the information technology program is to ensure the use of technology as
a tool to increase effective communication, collaboration, cooperation, learning,
decision-making, and problem solving.