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All are welcome in this place
Children are naturally creative problem solvers. When they have motivating experiences in math and science at a young age, all children have the potential to succeed! Engineering problem solving and design is a wonderful way for children to “do” math and science. This learning is even more effective when parents participate alongside their children.  Many children  that have these early opportunities go on to complete college and have successful professional careers – many as Engineers!

St. John Paul II Classical Catholic is pleased to invite children (ages 3-13  that either attend St. JPIICCS or are active parishioners of Archdiocese of Detroit) and their families to join us at NO COST for these 17 activity nights. Each STREAM Club night will host speakers, presentations, and hands-on activities that are science focused but with a Catholic twist. 

St. JPIICCS is the only school offering this program at NO COST.