Contact Us/Staff

John Paul II Classical Catholic School

1590 Riverbank
Lincoln Park, MI  48146

313-386-0633 Phone
313-928-1326 Fax

​Our school is attached to Christ the Good Shepherd Church in Lincoln Park.  We are located in between Dix-Toledo Rd. and Fort St. on Riverbank St at the Howard St. intersection.

Administrative Staff

Monica L. Burke
313 – 386 – 0633 Phone
313 – 928 – 1326 Fax

Administrative Assistant
Mrs. D. Wegienka
313 – 386 – 0633 Phone
313 – 928 – 1326 Fax

Early Childhood / Preschool Staff

Program Director

Mrs. S. Tyrna
Preschool 3s

Mrs. A. Patty
Preschool 4s

Mrs. D. Carey
Preschool Aide

Lower Elementary Teaching Staff

Ms. K. McMillan

Mrs. J. Szarek
1st & 2nd Grade

Ms. A. Bucciarelli
3rd & 4th Grade

Mrs. K. Mackie
Study Skills/Reading Specialist

Upper Elementary Teaching Staff

Mrs. D. Sutherland
Green School Coordinator
Social Media Manager

Ms. A. Bryne

Specials Staff

Mrs. N. Labroff
Physical Education

Mrs. D. Jurich

Mr. D. Lurie

Mr. J. Rochon

Mrs. H. Tockstein
Spanish (K-3)

Mr. A. Pivetta